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30 years of Rock ‘n’ Ska | Offbeats

Is 30 Middle Aged ? – You Decide

This is what 30 years of playing in a band with the same folks looks like. Does that make us a middle-aged band – being 30 and all? Rumor has it that Offbeats have recently been sighted, moving out of the studio and back to the stages. This video is a mix of two performances, from 1992 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz and a recent performance at CCRMA’s Ballroom in Stanford.  If you appreciate us – you know what to do – please go to our FB page @EastBayBeats  and like us, subscribe to our Youtube channel: Offbeats, and join our mailing list on our website: so we can connect with you. We’ll be posting more video like this  and hopefully see you soon on a stage near you.

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