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Ancient Video survives Y2K

“You Got Me” is an older video – with our third drummer Darrell Preece from the recording of the Rock’n’Ska CD. It was the deep dark days of December 2000 and though we had gotten through most of the CD recording (I think) and Y2K we were still working on YGM. This mix still has no lead guitar, and no blues harp by our friend Irv Lubliner, but I wanted to play with video anyway. Software was glitching, my Intel 486 could not keep up. The Net was around but most of us had modems. GAK. We dive deep here to an archive off of my Windows-95 machine – the video that never made it to the ‘Net before now because one version came out upside down due to a bad device driver and never mind the fact no one had the patience to download it. It’s old. Enjoy.

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