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Backing up Doug


You’ve heard of backing up your hard drive, of course, and these days you wonder if folks back up their phones and perhaps their cars. We recently had to back up our keyboard player, Doug, as he had to take some time off from the band to visit the hospital. Fortunately for everyone involved, they let Doug leave and he is now doing fine, thanks for asking.  But, it was Quite A Conundrum, Indeed! Especially for a poor, mortal, bass player like myself. Fortunately for me I use Finale, which allows me to work out music transcriptions on my laptop and backup my keyboard player with ease, well, maybe not “with ease”. (By the way, what software do you use to back up your keyboard player?) Like most, cautious, ex-mainframe programmers I also had Doug backed up to CD, with many copies stored offsite, in the form of “Offbeats” and “Rock ‘n’ Ska” the two releases we recorded with him primarily at CCRMA studios, where Jay works. So – I took two of our most formidable tunes: Madame Mim and Insomnia, both of which I wrote, and listened to the tracks again and again, trying to discern all the random ones and zeros firing off in Doug’s brain and committing the results to paper. (Punch cards would not work, in this case. Doug is a modern guy.) It was just like to old days when I would drop a needle on a particular vinyl cut to figure out what some bassist was doing. Ah, youth. But I digress.

The best news is that, though we have been rehearsing weekly with Linda Kadis our new singer and second keyboard player, since last May, and during Doug’s absence she has learned a lot of Doug’s harmony vocals, comping parts (playing chords) and some of Doug’s solos, we have not actually had to restore Doug’s brain directly into Linda’s brain. As much as Jay (our guitarist and Linda’s husband) cares for Doug, I bet he is quite happy that we did not have to try this drastic experiment and do a Doug restore. Kids – do not try this at home… results can be unpredictable. Stick to safe methods like cloning.

So this is what Doug’s brain looks like while playing a song about tarantulas (Madame Mim) and lying awake at night (Insomnia.) To hear these (and other Offbeats type tracks) head on over to our music page and listen!



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