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New ! – Beat Complex – Live from 1990

So – Trivia Question: Do you have any idea of where you were right after the fourth of July in 1990 ? Four of us do (or at least we do now.) Offbeats played two shows, almost back to back (on the 5th and the 7th) in San Francisco – as a “Summer Shows in the City” tour (freezing in the fog, of course) with the appropriate poster with the weird guy with shades and a trench coat (Who came up with this stuff? Clue: he still plays bass).

This version of “Beat Complex” has video from both shows – first at the Hotel Utah and then at Morty’s (which is now called “Club Cocodrie”). We play this song completely differently now, more as a Rock-Shuffle than Reggae, but you can still hear echoes of the later CD version in this live version. Our first drummer, Andy Scott is playing drums. The keyboardist and songwriter (Doug) and bassist (Tim) look quite different now. Jay, our guitarist, of course looks exactly the same (He may have the same barber).

If you are actually reading this on facebook, please “Like us” so that the club booking folks know that someone might actually think we are a real band. After nearly 30 years you would hope that is true!

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