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Offbeats Archive

“Offbeats Skin” drawing by Judith Mazanetz

The Offbeats Archive page is dedicated to ancient pages that only hardcore Offbeats fans could appreciate. Warning – There is very little in the way of menus or navigation. Most links are old-school hyperlinks from text. Gasp! Having been on the web since 1995, we have all sorts of old fanletters, posters, and memories of gigs long past. Feel free to open our closets and see our recently shedded Offbeat Skin. Our Poster Page is worth the price of admission and will give you a sense of Offbeats history. We have been playing shows since 1987 and have posters for most of them. It is also a mini-tech tour as much as a band tour in the sense that computers and good software were not Poster Page !!!common when we started this enterprise. (One might say the ‘good’ stuff is still not common, it’s quite expensive.)There are approximately fifty posters here, including some of the original ‘paste up’ art to show what they looked like before the xerox machine got to them.

Here are also some older Web pages containing gig photos, text, and other oldies. The first is from The USS Hornet Show 9/25/99— We played atop that glorious old warship in Alameda. The stage views from the ground to the USS Hornet are breathtaking, aren’t they? Gee – we look so small.

The Offbeats Synopsys Show–One of our yearly gigs at Darrell’s (or third drummer’s) home away from home has a few pics as teasers. We may have video of it soon.

rigabutnLetters from Latvia–Fanmail from a DJ —- WAY outside the bay area…with real life tales of the KGB and their vinyl collections.

And our radio show on the Mighty KLAX with DJ Crash’n’burn – the alias for the guitarist from Debris (we didn’t reveal that to anyone Gavin. Really we didn’t no one looks at this stuff!) including the infamous radio spot where we kill the DJ ON THE AIR!!!

Our cloning lab is the source of all of our fans. Who needs to update mailing lists, send postcards, or put up posters in the Haight Ashbury when you can create your own fans with a little chemistry!

And … in case you didn’t know – many web sites have been archived on the ‘Net. Archives.orghas 413 Billion pages saved as of 2014. Our site is there from it’s first days and you can visit it here.

And lastly (did we lose you yet?) here is a sound sample of Dexter (and his mate Clawdia)- real live cats (at least they were.) Dex is the mascot of the famous Dexter Records….. you have to click on the picture to hear him. What a concept!