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Live Radio!

OFFBEATS were skankin’ on KCRH – FM90 on the LIVE WIRE radio show, Sunday March 15th (we won’t tell you the year because we really don’t remember. Honest.). With the majestic 150 watts of bone-shaking broadcasting power,they played 3 song mini sets previewing material from their CD in progress as well as favorites from the past. .

Jay and Tim Setting Up for the show
The Mighty KCRH antenna  
  Hosted by DJ ‘Crash and Burn’, the band was interviewed and interrogated mercilessly
by the on air staff. Asked to describe their band in the context of a Haiku, and set up
in a mock fight with Pearl-Jam, Offbeats
revealed the secrets of their musical influences and other remarkable revelations, soon
to be on supermarket tabloid front pages everywhere.
The Evil DJ Crash and Burn— ——and his victims



But not to be outdone, the band did away with the Evil DJ on the air in what started out as an innocent promo for his ‘Live Wire’ show. Asked to comment on his on-air performance, drummer Darrell Preece said “Huh, is this that streaming-audio station on the Net?” Doug McLean, gave a quick “No comment” when asked about the whereabouts of the suddenly missing Crash and Burn. Offbeats would like to thank KCRH for the airwaves, and wish them luck in finding a new Evil DJ.