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Second Blues Video of the Seventh son of the Seventh son….

The Bistro, 11-17-02. Hayward, California. This is the second video and the second tune from the second set in that 2002 show – is that like the seventh son of the seventh son of the … ? Never mind. This track also features our friend Irving Lubliner on blues harp. Are you confused yet? Good. If not – see the previous post/video.

This video is also the second in our Blues series. Offbeats is not a blues band, by any means, but we have all been influenced by the blues, as have most of our generation. Though we play what we call Rock’n’Ska it’s like: “We have to have a genre, right? OK. We’ll call it Rock’n’Ska.” We play blues, rock, ska, reggae, funk, motown, New Orleans, South African, 80’s, 90’s originals, covers, and even a few tunes from this century! And the cool thing is that it all sounds like us. You gotta see us to understand!

“You Got Me” was originally recorded (the CD track, that is) after lunch one day at CCRMA studios at Stanford. I only had ONE beer with that burrito, really, and I remember we had an audience in the control room so it pumped us up. We burned on that session even though I thought that we were recording “scratch” tracks (to be used only to accompany DP’s final drum tracks). Though I tried many times to get a better bass track with overdubs I was never able to equal the original so that’s what you hear on our 2nd CD “Rock’n’Ska”. Irving later came in to the studio to overdub his harp and it really lent that true blues feeling to the sessions.

So, by November in 2002, we also got Irv to play live with us at the Bistro. Though these videos from the Bistro have little bass in the mix, the band was still smokin’ and Irv’s harp sounds as good as it did in the studio.

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