Live Videos

  • Our original song demo is from performances all over the San Francisco Bay-Area.

This video will also play in Full Screen.

About the Band

Take a bit of Ska, add Blues, Rock, some South African and Caribbean rhythms and mix with whatever influences are handy on the shelf. Add a strong dance rhythm section, four dynamic vocalists with harmonies, and a band that is having a huge amount of fun on stage and you get Offbeats. Drop in a selection of covers that folks are likely to know, that happen to be influences of the band’s material and the fans come back up and dance.

Initially formed as an originals band, Offbeats now include covers that are similar to their own material spanning decades from the 80’s to the present day from the Police and Blondie to Pharrell.

With two CDs out, decades of videos, a strong web site easily found in Google and the beginnings of a social media presence, the band is ready to perform. Professional, dependable, and fun to be around, Offbeats keep an upbeat groove going onstage and off and work to play appropriately to each venue.

For booking info, get in touch. We are available for gigs, parties and play benefits for a good cause.

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