Posted on: July 21st, 2018 by Tim

“New” Original Music / Same old World – Can we save it ?

Musings from our current Post Humanitarian World

It is amazing how much the world ebbs and flows with human cultural change and how each time we think we have evolved past all that “bad stuff” it comes back. Offbeats continue to write original songs that seem relevant decade after decade. Take “Can’t save the World”, by our resident cynic and guitarist Jay Kadis.

A “new” song gracing our live sets, the first lines sound quite familiar though this tune was first out on Jay’s “NumbSkulls” solo cassette released in 1990.  Consider, if you will:

“The planet’s gone crazy, don’t know what to do. The people in charge simply don’t have a clue. But that doesn’t stop ’em. It’s full speed ahead. At this rate, some morning , we’ll all wind up dead.”

A good example of Jay’s normal cheery sentimental outlook, sure to uplift the cold, barely alive hearts of Conservatives  everywhere while they kick the can down the pothole filled road.

We love this tune. Not only is it a fun and uplifting peek at our lovely post-humanitarian world it provides the band with a killer groove we can improvise with and a framework that leads to jamming. We hope to see you get out of your houses, away from your TV and the ‘Net, and into the streets (or clubs) to see us play this live in the near future.

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