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FOMO – Bistro Mashup 9-22-2018

Flash mob before Midnight – No FOMO required.

Presented for your approval: Quick highlights from our last set at the Bistro. A distillation of 10 minutes of dancing into a single 2 minute video blast of boogie mania. Whew! I need a nap after just reading the description. But wait! We’ll fix that. Read on!

I think way back on 9/22/18 the Grateful Dead were back in town with a Disney animatronics version of Jerry, or maybe you had to work at TJ’s that night, or the dog’s hair needed a pink wash (Pink Dog!) We get it! We would have been watching Netflix or old Phish concerts ourselves but we were onstage. Thank Dog we had something to do!

Now, no one has time for everything (wow, that is deep) and some folks want to call it a disease: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) hoping they can make a lot of money “curing” you of this dreaded entertainment-virus. They do not get this. FOMO is not actually a problem. Do not fear FOMO. It is so cool that there is a lot of fun stuff out there.

I remember running into my friend Bob, back in the 60’s one night while I walking home from having seen a great show with Frank Zappa and the Mothers (I think) at the original Fillmore. When I told Bob about my show he said he was over at the Matrix (ballroom) and the Dead had played with two drummers for the first time and did Alligator for hours! Ya know, you have to pick. Who knows what might happen at a show, and seeing the Mothers of Invention doing Absolutely Free with Frank in a white tux was a pretty fine way to spend an evening.

Clone me Now!

And speaking of the Matrix, anyone see the Matrix movie again recently? Remember the concept of people as fuel? Our present economic/political tyrants plan to keep depositing our futures into their personal IRS tax exempt trust funds to insure their futures, requiring us to work every minute of our lives to try and catch up and making us too exhausted for fun.   Full Stop. Please do not continue this. Resist. Have more fun!

A big part of the resistance is living your life well. Open a “time account” devoted to FUN and spend that time enjoying being alive, rather than fixating on some abstract like FOMO. We need present-day fun as much as we need to get our future back! There is no FOMO. Only more fun than you can handle when you aren’t busy working your job and protesting their destructive agenda. So do what you can. That’s why recreation feels so good. Seriously – It is as important to re-create, as it is to secure our collective futures.

But, I digress. So, as a public service to thank our audience and the Bistro for getting us all out of the house AND to reduce some of your anxiety and therapy bills at the same time we offer a short mashup video, especially as there might actually be a mistake or two in the full live videos while the audience was singing along with us.

Thank you everyone who made it to our show including the Bistro staff. We had such a good time.

See you at our next show!

If you really want to go deep into your therapy, links to our full videos follow. No charge.

Insomnia Video on Youtube

Get Ready Video on Youtube


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