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New Product endorsement for our Bistro Show


With Added Rocks and Skas for Fiber!

Corporate Funding Goes with the ‘Beats

A new round of angel funding has just concluded subsidizing the upcoming Offbeats’ Free Show at the Bistro.  Our media team and product analysis experts felt that a new cereal with zero sugar, zero fiber, zero gluten, zero meat, zero fat, and zero contents would really rock the fans. Included in each box is one of the two action figures from the 90’s era band, left over from some other corporate endorsement gone bad, featuring Darrell Preece, our drummer who played on our 2nd CD and  Tim Boomer on bass who hasn’t been seen in years. Other action figures (or pending legal action) will soon follow, as soon as we can get the other musicians out of bed (or out of the studio) to have their entire bodies scanned for accuracy.

Come see and hear us LIVE and tell us what you think!

The Bistro – 1001 B Street. Hayward California. September 22nd 9pm to 12am. FREE.

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